Who we are

We create spectacular, functional, utterly unique spaces that are tailor-made to meet each client’s individual needs.

Over the past three decades, we have built a global reputation for innovative solutions, professionalism and an unerring ability to turn your wishes into reality.

Founded in 1985, YSA DESIGN is one of the world’s leading design studios to the cruise ship industry. In recent years, we have also completed a growing number of land-based design commissions. Our international client list continues to expand, as more and more ship owners and property developers discover our exclusive combination of experience, expertise and creativity.

Our philosophy is to deliver creative designs that are both functional and unique. What makes us unique? We don’t limit our customers to one particular style, we offer a diversity of styles, tailor-made to suit each commission, no matter what its size or type. For us, the creative process rests upon three pillars: a close relationship with our client, our talented and innovative staff, and the skills and experience of our founding partners.


At YSA DESIGN, we listen carefully. Your initial brief may encompass many aspects that we, as architects and designers, must interpret and develop to produce a solution that works both aesthetically and operationally. Each client and each project is special, and there is nothing YSA DESIGN loves more than a challenge. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the latest technical developments and design trends with your specific interior requirements to design something that is not merely functional and stylish, but truly unique.

Helping our clients’ projects to succeed is our primary concern, which is why we place so much emphasis on communication throughout the design process. Only through open dialogue can we learn what you need and come up with the right solutions. And should unforeseen factors change the project’s parameters along the way, which often happens in large and complex undertakings like building a ship or refurbishing a hotel, we are quick to propose efficient design solutions within the budget.

Trust is a key element in our relationships with our clients. We understand how difficult it can be to entrust your vision to someone else, to let someone else take your ideas and turn them into reality. However, a growing number of satisfied and successful clients is proof of our reliability, professionalism and ability to deliver. You can have complete confidence in YSA DESIGN’s unique combination of global experience and Norwegian know-how.


Sometimes, clients don’t really have a clear idea of the look they want for their project. They just know they want the space to work. And by that they mean work as a commercial venture. That is where YSA DESIGN’s experience and expertise can make all the difference. Any space, no matter what its purpose, must be both beautiful and functional. In the hospitality market, warmth and elegance, combined with high-quality materials and clever detailing, create an atmosphere in which guests can feel relaxed and cared for.

YSA DESIGN has no “house style”. Every space we design is uniquely tailored to meet your particular requirements and dovetail seamlessly into your overall business strategy. We are famous for our outstanding of contemporary and classic interiors. But if your project calls for a more quirky, idiosyncratic look, we have the creativity and know-how to make the space work both visually and functionally.


At YSA DESIGN, each project is assigned a carefully selected team of architects and designers, headed by an experienced project manager also supported by our founding partners’ years of experience. Because our staff come from many different parts of the world, they can draw not only on their formal training but on a wealth of cultural references and design concepts. For clients operating in an increasingly international business climate, this offers valuable insights into emerging market trends and consumer preferences.

We emphasise dialogue and collaboration with our clients. A teamwork engaging both Owner and designer will give the best result. You can therefore be certain that you will always be heard, your feedback appreciated and your interests protected. We put our experience and know-how at your service.



Anne Mari Gullikstad

CEO | Senior Interior Architect | Partner

+47 934 32 879

Jan Egil Krefting

Chairman | Senior Architect | Partner

+47 924 44 421

Tov Arne Svalestuen

Senior Architect MNAL | Partner

+47 934 34 265

Einar B. Jungård

Senior Interior Architect MNIL | Partner

+47 995 30 067

Trond Sigurdsen

Senior Architect | Partner | Head of Sustainability & Technology

+47 920 57 471

Anna Storbraaten

Senior Architect MSA | Partner

+47 979 57 710


Ana Silvia Vengbo

Senior Architect

+47 481 21 659

Anton Erasmus

Senior Architect

+47 975 05 187

Patrik Österberg

Senior Architect MSA

+47 998 86 192

Johann Adalbjarnarson

Senior Architect

+47 930 80 089

Kristian Englund

Senior Architect

+47 990 29 011

Magdalena Lach-Ciezkowicz


+47 925 10 139

Martin Kjølholdt


+47 934 42 841


Chuanzhong Zhang

Architect | BIM Manager

+47 939 87 493

Nicola Fabiano

BIM Manager

+47 909 85 671

Frode Lunde

BIM Operator

+47 995 38 788

Interior architecture

Tommy Jørgensen

Interior & Furniture Designer

+47 412 64 175

Fabiana Vale Dornelas

Senior Interior Architect | Head of Sustainability & Implementation

+47 930 10 402

Catherine Smith-Kielland

Senior Interior & Textile Designer

+47 980 47 193

Ingeborg Wegge

Product manager

+47 926 18 941

Sunita Chauhan

Interior Architect MNIL

+47 930 33 861


Isabel Johannsdottir


+47 480 68 633

Mateusz Cełykowski

IT Manager

+47 463 86 181