Viking River Cruises - Longships

During the GA-development we were able to move the mooring equipment under deck, thus enabling making the first Aquavit Terrace a reality. A “first” where the passengers have access and an unobstructed view 180 degrees at the bow. The strong square bow made it possible to push the galley forward, getting an atrium connecting the 3 cabin decks and adding 8 cabins to each ship.

The Viking Longships are inspired by the old vikingships and all are named after the characters in the Norse mythology. The interior reflects its heritage,- the Scandinavian style, beautifully and elegantly.

Most cabins and suites have verandas which offer maximum enjoyment of the rivers. With the asymmetrically placed corridor along the cabins we were able to get the most of the layouts on both sides of the narrow ship.

The first six Viking Longships, collectively, won the award for Best New River Ship.


  • Newbuild
  • Client: Viking River Cruises
  • Shipyard: Neptun Werft
  • Start: 2010
  • Finish: 2014
  • Tonnage: 3500
  • Passengers: 190
  • Crew: 50


  • Concept
  • GA Development
  • Exterior design
  • Coordinating architects for interior finishes on all areas

Image courtesy of Viking Cruises